Doctoral studies

Laboratories and research units

Research at the Cnam is conducted within 21 laboratories covering the humanities, social sciences, management and engineering. Over time, these laboratories have built strong bonds with companies, communities, and associations and created vibrant academic and institutional partnerships in France and internationally.


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Doctoral studies at the Cnam

Doctoral education and research at the Cnam is conducted within two graduate schools (écoles doctorales): the Abbé Grégoire graduate school, specialised in the humanities, social sciences and management, and a co-accredited graduate school of engineering (SMI, Sciences et métiers de l’ingénieur). Both fall under the purview of the HESAM Université doctoral college and have partnerships with other graduate schools in the Paris area. The Cnam offers PhD programmes in over thirty different fields. Cnam’s research division oversees and coordinates both of the graduate schools.

As a PhD candidate at the Cnam, you will benefit from close interaction with other graduate students from a wide variety of backgrounds within our multidisciplinary research labs. You will have access to a wealth of documentation and library resources through the Cnam’s network of libraries in Paris and across France, including the Cnam’s central library, numerous specialised libraries, a documentation centre focussed on the workplace and professional education and the Arts et Métiers Museum’s media library.