Research partnerships and funding

Current contracts

Every year, the Cnam submits successful responses to numerous calls for research projects. It has built relationships with numerous public and private partners through collaboration agreements, doctoral research funding contracts (Cifre), etc.

Our annual budget stood at 9 million euros in 2021.

French national research agency (ANR)

In 2021, the Cnam was awarded contracts for 13 new projects funded by the ANR, with a total budget of 2.5 million euros. Nearly 40 ANR projects are currently underway at the Cnam.

Doctoral research funding contracts (Cifre)

The Cifre doctoral research funding scheme makes it possible for PhD candidates to do their doctoral research while under contract with the company they work for. These grants for training through research are fully funded by the French ministry of higher education and research and implemented by the National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT).

Approximately 60 PhD candidates at the Cnam currently participate in this scheme, sharing their time between a company and one of Cnam’s research laboratories. This unique arrangement encourages closer ties between academia and the world of commerce and industry. In 2021, 14 PhD candidates began their graduate studies with a Cifre contract. Cnam’s laboratories have thus obtained more than 1.6 million euros in funding by participating.

Partnerships with the Cnam

Some of the research projects carried out by faculty and students are not directly linked to Cnam’s research labs; instead, they are sponsored by the institution as a whole. Representing the full range of research conducted at the Cnam, these projects may involve public or private partners as well as other research organisations.

One example of this type of partnership is the cooperation agreement with ATD Quart Monde, the CNRS and the Ceraps laboratory (CNRS/University of Lille).


LabEx (Laboratoires d’excellence) are part of the French government’s future investments programme designed to support research carried out by teams on specific themes for a limited period of time.

In 2021, the Cnam participated in 3 LabEx.

Competition hubs

Created in 2004 as part of a comprehensive strategy for competitiveness and promoting growth and employment in key markets, these hubs are designed to support innovation through the development of joint research and development (R&D) projects. They bring together companies of different sizes, research laboratories and higher education institutions to collaborate on a clearly defined theme (ICT, the automotive industry, chemicals, etc.)

Through research carried out by its laboratories, the Cnam is involved in four competition hubs: Cap Digital, Systematic, Plastipolis and ASTech.

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Research promotion and dissemination

The office of research monitoring, partnerships and promotion is staffed by specialists responsible for advising researchers, negotiating and handling the legal aspects of partnerships with private companies and public institutions.

It also oversees the patents filed in the Cnam’s name.

In addition, it looks out for funding opportunities and calls for projects and alerts Cnam research staff to proposals that may be of interest.

 The Cnam’s patent portfolio

The Cnam manages a portfolio of 26 patent families, on its own or in partnership with private companies or other public institutions.

It holds a portfolio whose protection throughout the world has led to the publication of more than 80 patents.

For more information: explore the patent atlas

Keeping an eye on developments

Open4Research: a tool for Cnam’s researchers bringing together numerous calls for projects

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