The Cnam is a founding member of HESAM Université, an alliance of 15 French higher education institutions. Established in 2010, it combines its members’ expertise in the arts, sciences, technology and design. The diversity of its member institutions allows it to construct and coordinate interdisciplinary projects favouring synergy between specialists in numerous fields and disciplines.

HESAM Université

HESAM Université offers new approaches to education, research and the dissemination of scientific, technological, and artistic knowledge.

With 17 different sites in the city of Paris, over 200 in France, and 17 locations abroad, HESAM Université is committed to preparing for changes in the way people work. It offers numerous options for lifelong learning, as well as unique research and educational opportunities designed for the future needs of businesses and communities.

HESAM Université includes:

  • More than 114,000 students
  • Approximately 650 PhD candidates
  • Courses ranging from pre-baccalaureate and undergraduate to MA, PhD and MBA degree programmes
  • 2 graduate schools (one for engineering, another for humanities, social sciences and management)
  • 40 research units
  • Nearly 2,000 professors and researchers