Our Moocs

The Cnam has traditionnaly proposed adults distance learning courses to improve their knowledge and skills or to obtain a degree, from A-levels to postgraduate and engineer, in the spirit of previous innovations initiated in 1963 with Sunday morning TV courses. Now, the Cnam assests its leading position in e-learning by offering numerous Moocs (massive open online courses). Some of them are offered in English version. All of them are free of charge.

  • Mooc Artificial Intelligence.

    Session 3

    Mooc - Artificial Intelligence for ALL!
    October 15, 2020September 5, 2021
    This course is a manual,for everybody and especially for people who are not familiar with data science, to understand AI (Artificial Intelligence), take part in AI related projects, transform your way of working and create added value, no matter what your job is. You will find videos and more than 80 interviews of companies, start-ups, reputed academics and scientists from the USA, Canada, China, Indonesia and France. This year, we added 30 more interviews filmed in the USA, Canada and France.
  • Du manager au leader : devenir agile et collaboratif

    session 8

    Mooc - From manager to leader: becoming agile and collaborative
    January 15, 2021June 27, 2021
    This course is the NEW SEASON OF THE LEADER MANAGER! He offers training on Management basicsand new strategic skills to develop in the context of digital transformation within organizations:
    - How to become an agile manager
    - How to use design thinking principles to innovate and to manage on a daily basis
    - How to work in collaborative mode and how to create collective intelligence
    - How to become an eminent leader

The registrations to those Moocs are closed but could open soon. Keep an eye !