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Structural Mecanics

September 1, 2023
September 30, 2024

1st admission interview for 2024 

on 21 November 2023!

Our Master's degree in Structural Mechanics and Coupled Systems, created in 2021, will allow students to demonstrate their mastery in the very specific field of structural mechanics. It is open to students after obtaining a Bachelor's degree or a "Licence" level in the LMD system in one of the following fields: Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Design Engineering, Mechatronics.

Why studying Mechanics of structures?

Master Structural MechanicsMechanics of structures investigates the behavior of structures under mechanical loads, such as bending of a beam, buckling of a column, torsion of a shaft, deflection of a thin shell, and vibration of a bridge. Mechanics of structures is focused on the computation of deformations, deflections, and internal forces or stresses (stress equivalents) within structures, either for design or for performance evaluation of existing structures. It is one subset of structural analysis. Structural mechanics analysis needs input data such as structural loads, structure's geometric representation and support conditions but also the materials' properties. Output quantities may include support reactions, stresses and displacements. Advanced structural mechanics may include the effects of stability and non-linear behaviors.

Career opportunities

With the Master's degree in Structural Mechanics and Coupled System, Students will be able in one or two years to quickly obtain the best positions in the competitive industries in areas such as:

Positions held within the industry could be as follows:

  • Structural engineer
  • Structural analyst
  • Research engineer
  • PhD in public and private research organizations

National Master Why choosing Cnam to study Mechanics of structures?

This new advanced degree will prepare students them with the in-depth, modern instruction and skills they need to compete in their future career either in the industries or in research.

Once graduated, the student will be able to:

  • Provide the best references of the industrial and academic state of the art to those, who work in the fields related to structural engineering in the context of multidisciplinary design;
  • Acquire communication skills between individuals and teams in the context of the company and its organization in order to understand social relations within the company and to apprehend the intercultural dimension of relations in the professional environment;
  • Raise awareness of the corporate culture of major French groups and the project management methods in force to integrate this know-how into project management.

Courses’ strong points

En savoir plus +The courses are taught fully in English

En savoir plus +Courses take place onsite or online if required

En savoir plus +The cohort includes international students from all over the world - Lebanon, Mexico, Colombia, Pakistan, China, Vietnam etc.

En savoir plus +The Program’s faculty body include world-class academics and industry experts

En savoir plus +Students can do research in Cnam’s laboratory

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