Scholarships 2022

Laureats of the Cnam - Eiffel 2022 scholarships

393 scholarships were allocated by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs for the academic year 2022: 344 for the Master's course and 49 for the Doctorate (PhD) course.

It allows training of future decision-makers of private and public sectors in the priority fields. It stimulates applications from students from emerging countries for the Master's level and from emerging and industrialized countries for the doctorate level.

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In 2022, Cnam has 2 laureates, including 1 from Argentina, in the field of E-Business and Digital Marketing (Master in Management of EPN15) and 1 from Vietnam, in the field of Engineering and Engineering Sciences (Master in Computer Networks and IoT Systems of EPN05).

Congratulations to the laureats and the programs involved!