Cnam's international programs in China

First graduation ceremony at the IFC DGUT/Cnam China

Premiere RDD DGUT Cnam

June 29, 2021

The first graduates of the Franco-Chinese Institute (IFC) DGUT/Cnam China were honored on Sunday, June 27, 2021 in Dongguan, China during their graduation ceremony:
  • 123 graduates received the DGUT Benke diploma, the Chinese Bachelor Degree and the Cnam "Licence" Degree

  • 96% success rate for this first class (1st among the 18 DGUT institutes)

  • 95% of the graduates have signed a work contract with French or Chinese companies, or received a Master's degree offer (also 1st among the 18 DGUT institutes)

  • 13 graduates will pursue a Master's degree at Cnam Paris

  • 10 have been accepted by world TOP 100 universities, such as PSL, Hongkong Chinese University, Hongkong City University, University of Leeds, University of Sheffield ...

Our graduates now join the Cnam Alumni community and the DGUT Alumni community. They will contribute to the Franco-Chinese friendship and develop the commercial and cultural exchanges between France and China.

Congratulations to our happy graduates!

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