Catalogues of programs and projects : in France and abroad

Cnam international scope

August 31, 2022

  • Paris
  • China
  • France entière
International scope 2021 of the Cnam has been defined. International opening is an essential axis of development of the institution.

The Cnam as a whole has decided to apply for Bienvenue en France label.

  • In this respect, new procedures have been put in place to guide candidates of foreign nationality along the essential steps to follow.
  • New documents available in English (video, welcome booklet, application form, information sheet), detailing:
    - Study programs 
    Administrative procedures for applying or settling down
    - Organization of student life and orientation events
    - Academic and administrative support
    - Housing
  • The Cnam is connected on Études en France platform. Dematerialized applications are on the way to be generalized. 

International scope of the Cnam: consult the catalogs of study programs and projects below:

catalogue CCE 2022

Catalogue of study programs in Cnam centers abroad (CCE)

Catalogue EE 2021

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visuel catalogue HCCE 2022

fleche A télécharger ou OuvrirCatalogue of Cnam's study programs hosted by international partners

Catalogue Expertise 2021

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