Erasmus+ : EU mobility of students and staff

Erasmus+ Mobility coordinator:


01 40 27 21 21


Charter and declaration :

Charter 2014-2020

Declaration of Cnam


In order to offer financial assistance for international mobility of students and staff (teaching and non-teaching), the Cnam is committed to providing certain grants and programs:

  • Erasmus Grant: Mobility grant for Higher Education (intra-European): Croatia, Spain, Greece, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden etc.
  • Erasmus Grant: International mobility credits grant (MIC): Morocco, Russia, Tunisia

Disability-specific grants: Within the framework of the Erasmus + program, disability should not be an obstacle to mobility, both for students and for staff: there are additional funds aimed at subsidizing the specific needs that a person in a situation of handicap can have during her/his mobility. People with disabilities can benefit from a specific Erasmus + grant, in addition to their mobility grant, which would cover the additional costs generated by their stay in Europe (up to 100% of the actual costs incurred).

For more information, please see :

Recognition of mobilities

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Recognition of mobilities

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Erasmus Days 2020 at HESAM University

Within the framework of this new edition, HESAM University and its members propose a common event for all its student members, on the theme of Green Erasmus, through several great moments.

Erasmus Day 2020 photo contest

Afterwork Erasmus Days 2020