Courses in Management and Humanities

Today, two-thirds of the Conservatory’s educational programmes fall within the fields of management and society.

Several programmes, from Baccalaureate level to MBA level, offer training in current and future professions in international management, company management, social work and work psychology.

These teaching methods are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, in order to better respond to current economic and social issues.

The International Institute of Management (IIM)

State of the art learning program meeting the needs of today's entreprise

En savoir plusMBA and Masters in the heart of Paris


  • Accounting, control, auditing
  • Economics, finance, banking, insurance
  • Management, innovation, forecasting
  • Law, labour, health, social services
  • Labour, guidance, training
  • Culture, information, technology and
  • society
  • Cities, trade, regions
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