Mooc - Does artificial intelligence enhance the manager?

Mooc manager augmenté par l'IA?

April 9, 2018
June 3, 2018

You hear in the media talk about artificial intelligence and you want to know how it will transform your job and the way you work? This MOOC is for you. It will explain, simply, what is the AI, what are its applications and what skills the manager must develop to take advantage.


A three-week course. Total running time : 1 to 3 hours.

Registrants watch 5 or 6 five-minutes, self-scheduled video-lectures. Course supports and video script are available.

Self-correction MCQs to follow one’s progression.

Tools using AI are offered:

  • The "cécile" chatbot created by Botriver
  • The music of the MOOC created by the AI of Sony Music
  • An interactive forum dedicated to exchanges created by Zeebra
  • Automatic translation of the teaser by Mediawen

As well as activities carried out with the Light Board of the Paris Descartes University of Pharmacy, self-correcting MCQs, activities on social networks and several live videoconferences.


This course is designed for everybody.You don’t need previous knowledge to attend this Mooc. It is strongly recommended to complete this MOOC by the MOOC of Cécile Dejoux "From the agile manager to the leader designer" on FUN to acquire complementary skills.


The teacher

France’s Cnam professor and researcher, coordinator of Cnam’s HRM program, associate professor at ESCP Europe and prestigious ENA, Cécile Dejoux gives numerous lectures in companies on management and learning in the digital era. She is author of various scientific papers and books. She is co-founder of the Cnam’s Learning Lab Human Change, a company’s innovation observatory. She is ranked n°1 in the "50 pioneers who are building the France of the future" (November 2014) “l'OPINION”

English subtitles

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