From an agile manager to a designer leader

Mooc - du manager au leader designer

February 17, 2017
May 15, 2017

This course is for those who want to be «in» and develop the new necessary skills to succeed in the digital time; those who are eager to understand the basics of management; anyone who’s going to experiment management for the first time and would like to get the necessary skills; the managers who want to improve their practices in the digital time.

From manager to agile leader
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About the course

The course aims:

  1. To evaluate your managing skills (with an individual test to provide you a learning itinerary in the Mooc)
  2. To develop 3 types of necessary strategic skills to succeed in the organizations that are changing in the digital era:
    • Digital skills (« I forget what I've learned to learn again »)
    • Agility skills (« I experiment with other people »)
    • Design thinking skills (« I transform what I’ve got »)
  3.  To give you, as a manager, the skills to become a leader of today
    • Learn to become a manager in the digital time by acquiring basic skills and developing new ones: digital, agility and design thinking skills.
    • If you’ve already attended this Mooc, watch the « design thinking skills » sequences first to learn to think differently and change yourself before bringing change into the company.
    • Master the basics to go from manager to leader.
    • How to build managing skills evaluation tests, reading grids, concepts, theories and models.
    • Listen to managers, CEOs of international companies and experts talk about their experiences: Abria, Accor Hotels, Agoranov, Alcatel-Lucent, Alliance Française, Axa, Bouygues, Carrefour, Cisco, Cora, D-School, Extia, Fongecif Ile de France, Google, Julhiet-Sterwen, Lapeyre-Vita, Le slip français, L'Oréal, Microsoft, Noda, Orange, Otis, Vinci Parc, Total, Sanofi, Sony musique, Steelcase, Telecom Ecole de Management,


You don’t need previous knowledge to attend this free course.


The courses is composed of 5 weeks. In each week there are sequences.
The whole course is available as soon as the Mooc starts. You can study at your own pace anytime.
Each sequence includes one or several 5 minutes long videos as well as multiple choices to make sure you understood the concepts explained in the video.
You can download the presentation and the transcription of each video.
If you want to go further, you can read the teacher’s book.
In the forum you can discuss with the other students about the content of the course and answer each other’s questions.
You can also follow us on social media moderated by the community manager of the Mooc to share experiences.
The teacher regularly answers to the questions from the forum and social media during web conferences.


An authenticated CERTIFICATE worth 2 ECTS can be delivered for 60 euros, provided that you have enrolled at the Cnam. After payment and registration on the MOOC platform, you will take the final test 3 weeks after the end of the MOOC. The test is supervised and your identity will be checked.

The teacher: Cécile Dejoux

Professor of Management and PhD Supervisor (Cnam University, Paris)
Operating manager of the Cnam University’s HR Master, she teaches to the European ESCP Europe, the ENA and has lectured numerous conferences.
She has published several books and scientific articles.
She is ranked n°1 in the "50 pioneers who are building the France of the future" (November 2014) “l'OPINION”